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Luísa Paiva de Sequeira
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Pedro António P. Sequeira
Joana P. Sequeira

LabART was, from 2014 until September of 2017 a R&D Unit
registered in FCT under ref: UID/AUR/04494. With a GOOD
evaluation and with national funds. Ethical problems with
the host institution have lead us to step down and continue
our work outside as an independent and private office.

Born in 1959 in Lisbon, he graduated in Architecture from FA-UTL (1990), attended the Painting Course of the School of Fine
Arts in Lisbon (1986) until the 3rd year. Has obtained a Master's Degree in Urban Design from ISCTE - Instituto Universitário
de Lisboa and a PhD in Urbanism from U. Lusófona (2009).
He has been a managing partner of LabART since 1991, where he shares responsibility for coordinating various projects and
managing the studio.
He has been a university professor since 1993 at U. Lusófona until 2016 and held several positions, namely: Director of the
Department of Architecture and Director of the Integrated Master's Degree in Architecture between 2009 and 2015, he
created the R & D unit, Laboratory of Architecture - LabART Research Center of which he was the Director and Scientific
Coordinator between 2008 and 2016. He was also the co-creator and Director of the Journal of Architecture and Education
between 2010 and 2014, being responsible for the edition of 10 issues. He is currently a invited member/consultant of the
FWO, STW and ECOOM-VUB "research by design and arts" and is regularly invited to be reviewer and member of
acessessement committees and evaluation boards for doctoral dissertations in Europe.
Rua das Janelas Verdes nº 32 Porta 19 1200-691 Lisboa (LabART - Artes)
Av. D. Vasco da Gama nº 52, 3Dtº 1400-128 Lisboa (LabART - Arquitectura)
phone: +351 213 901 567 / +351 213 021 312 Mobile: +351 919 321 164
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We are in two places in Lisbon near the river Tejo: one (LabART - arts) at Santos Garden in the Cistern Cloister of a 1606 Christian Convent the "Convento dos Marianos" designed by the Arch. Filipo Terzi; the other (LabART - architecture) is in Belém at Av. Vasco da Gama, on the 3rd floor.
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Laboratory for Architecture and Arts / study centre (LabART), was born in 2016, resulting from the transformation
of Office (AJLS - Arquitectos) and the assimilation of part of the research from the discontinued Architectural Lab -
Research Center (LabART) funded by FCT. The new headquarters is at Rua das Janelas Verdes 32, Porta 19 in Lisbon.
LabART is a family design office and laboratory of R&D. Its main objective is to carry out projects in the areas of
ARCHITECTURE, ARTS and URBANISM. The research is mainly linked to his professional practice and his strategic plan is the
development and dissemination of applied research both through his projects and through the articles and books made by
the members.
LabART has a research center called SAM - Studies on Architecture, Arts and Media - which is subdivided into two research
lines: "Sustainability, Architecture and Landscape (SAL)" and the "Framework for Architectural Research (FAR)".
LabART develops architectural and urban projects but also develops art projects - site-specific, performative events, etc. -
and music studies.
His long professional experience, his excellence in research and his comprehensiveness in the areas in which he specializes
make it unique in Portugal

Born in 1966 in Lisbon, she graduated in Architecture from FA-UTL (1990) and in Painting from FBA-UL (2013). She
obtained the Master 's Degree in Architecture from U. Lusiada  (1998) and the PhD in Sculpture from FBA - UL (2013).
She has been the main manager of LabART since 1991, where she shares the responsibility of coordinating various projects
and the management of the studio.
She is a university professor of Architectural Design at U. Lusiada since 1992 and since 1994 she has shared her teaching
with U. Lusófona in the areas of Architectural Design and Design.
Her main research interests are in the Arts.
LabART - arts : GPS: 38°42'23.19"N   9° 9'33.13"W
LabART - architecture : GPS:  38°41'57.20"N     9°13'33.32"W

Born in 1997 in Lisbon, graduated  in Fine Arts from Escola Artística António Arroio em 2015, and graduated in Sculpture
by   the Lisbon Fine Arts University FBA-UL (2018), currently attends the master's degree in Sculpture at the same
She is responsible for the Sculpture section of LabART, having already obtained several prizes: e.g. the 1st Prize for
Sculpture in the Competition of the 15th Naval Painting, Modeling and Sculpture Exhibition "The Sea and Maritime Motives"
of the Navy Museum; the Honorable Mention in the XI Biennial Hall Competition of the Vidigueira Arts; and the Prize
Revelation D. Fernando II in the Contest for the Prize Painting and Sculpture of Sintra D. Fernando II, XIV Edition.
She performed several exhibitions in Portugal, namely: 2014 - Sea and Oceans, Navy Museum (Collective exhibition); 2014 -
Signs, Braço de Prata Factory (Collective Exhibition); 2015 - Presentation Ceramics, Futurália (Collective exhibition); 2015 -
Complementary Universes, ADAO; 2015 - Books of Artist, Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva (Collective exhibition); 2015 - Trips,
Carmona and Costa Foundation (Collective Exhibition); 2016 - Nasty Woman, EKA Palace (Collective Exhibition); 2017 -
Sculpture Competition of Artur Bual, Municipal Library of Amadora; 2018 - XV Painting Exhibition, Nava Modeling and
Sculpture "The Sea and Maritime Motives", Navy Museum; 2018 - Contest XI Vidigueira Arts Hall Biennial; 2018 - Artur Bual
Painting Competition, Recreios da Amadora; 2018 - Prize for the Painting and Sculpture Exibition of Sintra D. Fernando II XIV

Born in 1995 in Lisbon, he studied Architecture at ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, until 2017, and obtain a Master's
degree in Architecture (MSc) from KU Leuven - Faculty of Architecture (Ghent) in 2019.
Pedro is a LabART permanent collaborator, in the discipline of Architecture and sustainable architecture practice-based